To Do:

To-Do lijstje

- Recheck and get opinion about short store, races and factions.
- Politics overhaul nearly completely, must get a better connection with settlements and jobs.
- Settlements needs an overhaul.
- Ranks and Classes need better link with each other and skills.
- Skills needs an overhaul, the skills itself are fine, just the links between all other system doesn't exist.
Skills also need its own system on how-to actually get and improve them, cannot be linked to an EXP system only.
- Classes needs an overhaul, we'll support multi class, needs documentation on how that works.
- Combat needs an overhaul after skills to better connect with it, as well as an overhaul so it fits the crafting system better.
- Jobs needs an overhaul + additional jobs for settlements and politics connections.
Slaver/slaves needs to become its own system due to its size and impact it has on the game.
- Life Skills is fine?
- Items
-- Equipment
-- Crafting
-- Enchanting
-- Reparation
-- Resources
All need a complete overhaul.
- Cooperation, guilds and alliances needs a rework to better fit the new politics, settlements, and factions.
- Transportation, Need a recheck on boats and ground mounts and non-animal transportation.
Transportation also needs tier speed overhaul, 5% improvement is best %.
- Map 2.0 is removed and reworked into Map 3.0, fewer islands, bigger mainlands, circular map with moving ice-wall.
- Interface designer is needed.
- Website, desperately needs a homepage ASAP with Parallax scrolling.


Deze is done

- Short Story
- Races
- Factions
- Ranks
- XP Table: General + Future
- XP Table: Job + Life Skills
- Transportation: 1 Mast Boats
- Transportation: 2 Mast Boats
- Transportation: 3 Mast Boats
- Transportation: 4 Mast Boats
- Transportation: Hard values for speed data
- Elementals
- Skills
- Mobs
- Classes: All classes.
- Attributes
- Map: 22/55 islands
- Map: Mainlainds
- Map: Ice wall
- Equipment: Weapons
- Equipment: Protection
- Equipment: Illumination
- Equipment: Apparel
- Equipment: Jewelry
- Equipment: Outerwear
- Equipment: Hard values for Attributes
- Equipment: Enchantment slots
- Settlements: Settlement sizes


A changelog of the website can be found here.